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NEUATION Centrifuge

Normally, a jack of all trades is a master of none, but the iFuge M24PR multi-purpose and versatile laboratory centrifuge is definitely the master of the laboratory division. Because it covers all your centrifugation requirements.

Designed from the ground up using the finest raw materials, the iFuge M24PR effortlessly combines unmatched performance, comfort and the most basic safety features.

With exceptional and first-class features such as user-programmable interface, automatic internal diagnostics, emergency lid release, the iFuge M24PR

a centrifuge with impressive versatility.

Price CHF 3'780 with 24 × 1.5 / 2 ml rotor 21420 x g

Product features – it starts where others leave off
  • High performance

  • Brushless DC motor for a maintenance-free long service life

  • Temperature ranges from -20°C to 40°C

  • Adjustable speed range from 500 to 15000 RPM (RCF 22388 g)

  • Drainage tube for easy removal of water drops without removing the rotor for cleaning

  • Microprocessor control for quick & easy programming

  • Large backlit LCD display for easy reading of several parameters

  • Intuitive interface for quick and convenient setting

  • User programmable function - User can save up to 99 programs with 4 lines each

Safety functions - with great power comes great responsibility

The exemplary performance of the iFuge M24PR is supported by a number of extensive features Security features that protect you from the most unlikely scenarios.

  • Short spin behavior for short centrifugation & quick pelletization

  • Switch between RCF & RPM with one touch

  • Timer setting from 30 seconds to 999 minutes with endless mode

  • Designed to operate at low noise levels for a healthier laboratory environment

  • Electronic imbalance detection for maximum safety

  • Lid lock security - Does not open while the rotor is running

  • Emergency lid release for added security

Convenience at the touch of a button - less effort, more profit

The iFuge M24PR puts your comfort first because it is designed to deliver high performance with a fraction of the effort required with other centrifuges. Now experience what complete effortlessness feels like with the iFuge M24PR.

  • Low height for easy loading and unloading of the sample

  • Built-in condensation drain to remove accumulated condensation

  • 4 rotor options

  • Fast cooling function

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