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Here are 4 advantages of the 5-year warranty on laboratory scales:

We offer a warranty of up to 5 years on Adam Equipment scales. There are few professional scale manufacturers that can offer this. As a provider of Adam Equipment laboratory scales, we have listed 4 reasons why you should choose an Adam scale over any other.

1.Peace of mind

A scale must be accurate and reliable - your processes depend on it. The last thing you need is a scale that fails at a critical point and for which you need to procure a replacement - which can significantly affect your work. Adam's laboratory scales are designed for long durability, which is why Adam grants a five-year warranty.

This means you don't have to worry about whether your scale is reliable or not. Noteworthy are Adam's Solis, Equinox, and Luna scales. They all come with a 5-year warranty and deliver accurate measurements in the submilligram range. In addition, features such as touchscreens, optional printers, and automatic internal calibration make these laboratory scales extremely practical and versatile in the laboratory environment.

2. Cost savings

It can happen that a laboratory scale only lasts a few years. If the scale is only covered by a 2-year warranty, as in many cases, you have no choice but to buy a brand-new replacement.

If an Adam scale fails after a few years and the problem is due to a manufacturing defect, the warranty ensures that the scale is repaired or replaced by Adam - meaning you don't have to pay for a brand new scale!

3. Minimal downtime

As mentioned at the beginning, a failure of the scale can impair your work. Regardless of whether the scale has a warranty or not, there is always some downtime in the event of a defect. However, the fact that your laboratory scale is covered by a 5-year warranty means that it should last at least five years!

4. Wide selection of scales with longer warranties

The 5-year warranty for Adam scales covers a wide range of models for many different applications. Here are the most popular models for which this extensive warranty applies:

Luna LAB analytical balance

The Luna analytical balances (and corresponding precision balances) are very popular due to their large, bright weight display, ease of use, and affordable price, making them one of Adam's best-selling models for laboratories. USB and RS-232 outputs enable the transfer of GLP-compliant data to printers and PCs; a sealed keyboard protects against dirt and spills, and an underfloor weighing hook allows for hanging weighing tasks.

Equinox analytical balance

The flagship models of the Adam laboratory scale series, the Equinox analytical balances as well as the Equinox precision balances, feature an intuitive touchscreen display that makes weighing tasks quick, easy, and precise - regardless of the application. Simply select the application on the display, and the scale will guide you step by step through the execution of the desired weighing task. Models with a readability of up to 0.01 mg and a weighing range of up to 8200 g are available.

PMB moisture analyzer

PMB moisture analyzers are characterized by easy operation and a quick response time - as well as excellent value for money in moisture determination. USB and RS-232 ports facilitate the sending of data to a printer or PC, and records (as well as recipes) can also be stored in the internal memory.

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