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The most efficient method for successful sample testing

Updated: Jan 17

What do you need to know before purchasing a product like a constant climate chamber? Like with every big investment, you should first carefully consider various factors before making a final decision. In the following, you will find a short and useful overview of the 4 most important topics you need to think about in order to ensure, that your investment will prove to be a success.

  1. Climate

In addition to the climatic area, deviations in place and time play an important role. The air ducting in a constant climate chamber is particularly important here. Climate is an area with controlled relative humidity and temperature, e.g. 40 °C and 75 % relative humidity. A temperature-humidity chart provides you with quick information about the entire performance range of a constant climate chamber. However, it is not only the size of the climate zone that is decisive, but also the specified deviations in place and time.

2. Air Circulation

The air ducting in a constant climate chamber is responsible for a good distribution of temperature and humidity in the loaded condition. Two types are presented. 

Horizontal air movement: It guides the temperature-controlled and humidified air sideways over the entire width of each rack (either from right to left or vice versa). When loaded, the samples have equally good conditions on each rack. Double sided horizontal air ducting is ideal. 

Vertical air movement: In this case, the temperature-controlled and humidified air is directed from bottom to top through the individual racks. When loaded, the upper racks are in the lee of the lower racks. An even air movement over all racks is prevented.

The bilateral horizontal air circulation ensures particularly homogeneous conditions. The air is recirculated to the rear wall via a fan for reprocessing.

3. Humidifying water

The type of water supply and disposal, the humidification method and the water quality must be considered. The connection to a water supply and drainage system on site requires a supply pressure between 1 and 10 bar as well as a temperature not below +5 °C and not above +40°C. The water is fed-in automatically. Some constant climate chambers contain a connection kit.

BINDER Pure Aqua Service

4. Cooling Technology

Generally speaking, there are two types of systems: Compressor-based systems and Peltier-technology. While compressor-chambers are known to be very powerful, the Peltier-technique is usually very environmentally friendly, because there is no need for any refrigerants and the chambers are very energy-efficient. That's why the question for buyers has often been: Do I favor performance or do I prefer environmental friendliness from my constant climate chamber?

The latest innovative Peltier Technology: the energy consumption is minimal thanks to optimized thermoelectric cooling.

BINDER's Solution to This Apparent Contradiction

But now this has changed, because constant climate chamber KBF-S ECO gives you both an environmentally friendly yet powerful device. As you may know, cooling is the main contributing factor for the amount of energy used. KBF-S ECO provides a more efficient airflow due to the unique design. In this way, you are not only helping the environment by using an environmentally friendly product – you even save money due to its unparalleled efficiency.

BINDER Constant Climate Chamber with Peltier Technology

The Advantages of the New KBF-S ECO Series at a Glance

  • Lowest energy consumption in its class

  • Achieves lower temperatures more reliably than traditional Peltier climate chambers

  • Up to three times more accurate room humidity than other brands

  • 30% higher loading capacity per rack

BINDER offers a comprehensive range of climate chambers, from cost-efficient solutions for standard applications to industrial solutions and material testing.

From consultation to installation: everything from a single source at Haslab GmbH

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